Zapper.io GamePlay:

Zapper.io is a massive multiplayer online game which is playable on friv for school unblocked. Generate billions of unique creatures to play with and store them in your collection. Fight and destroy other players in a large open world and try to become the most energetic player!

In the game, your goal will be to get to the top of the scoreboard. To do that, you will need to eat up energy that you can find everywhere around you. You also have to get rid of some enemies, by blocking their way, so that they crash into you. They will then fall apart and you can eat up their energy. In the arena, there are some red lines that will make you move faster, be sure to use these.

A variety of items, challenges, and beautiful sceneries await for you in this game at http://friv10games.club/! Keep channeling your inner runner and break a leg in more running games like SmashKarts.io for more entertaining moments! 


Use the mouse to control the movement's direction

Press left mouse button to boost speed

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