Wild Animal Zoo City Simulator GamePlay:

Wild Animal Zoo City Simulator is a classic rampage game at friv 78. The animals of the city zoo are tired of being held captive. In the game, you play as a crazy, angry, frenzy and stupid animals in city.  Your mission is to help them escape and cause mayhem on the city streets! Enjoy!

Start, choose from a range of different animals such as a crocodile, an elephant, a hippo and a lion. When you have chosen your animal, you have 3 minutes to cause as much destruction as possible (literally everything on the map is destructible, even the buildings). 

In your mission at friv online games free, you gain points and experience and the faster you get them the more bonus you recieve. Town environment contains a lot of obstacles like explosive cars, fence, barrels, block lawns, streetlights, street hydrants, cube dustbins and many other ... During the game, there are 6 different levels to play on, each with a different theme and layout. For each object, you destroy, you receive star points and use these points to purchase new animals from the shop. How much devastation can you cause with your zoo palls? 

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- Stunning 3D town - farm graphics

- Hours of fun gameplay with this great simulator

- 16 animals to pick such as elephant, lion, hippo, rhino, zebra, cow, chicken, wolf, crocodile, bear, fox, pig, sheep, rabbit, boar, goat, stag etc ...


Use the W/A/S/D to move

Press Spacebar to attack

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