War of Caribbean Pirates GamePlay:

Welcome to War of Caribbean Pirates free online at free 1000 games - The non-stop action hack ’n’ slash pirate game that promises action at the end of your fingertips. You are a deadly pirate with one single vow and your mission is to explore different parts of the country. Defeat countless enemies and take the land for your own. Become a pirate in this exciting 3D game. 

Showcase your flawless swordsmanship and battle skills to exclusive all of the other pirates across the land. You can play for a man or a woman.Play in brilliant 3D exploring beautiful towns and islands such as you come across a variety of different pirate types as you fight in their land. Of course, these will be more and more time and it will be really hard for you to get into the next part of the game. Therefore at friv for school unblocked, try to fight the best. Levels must be unlocked gradually. Is a pirate’s life for you?

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◉ A beautiful swordfighting game in a pirate-style

◉ Different pirate enemy models

◉ Beautiful island and towns to explore

◉ Smooth physics

◉ Adjustable graphics quality

◉ 2 characters to play


★ Use the WASD to control the movement

★ Left click to attack

★ Right click to block

★ Press Space bar to jump over obstacle

★ Press Shift to sprint

★ Q key to roll

★ C key to crouch

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