Virtual Voodoo GamePlay:

Virtual Voodoo is a funny, yet spiteful little ragdoll simulation game at FRIV. The Virtual Voodoo doll challenges you to do your cruellest work, summoning pests, bad weather and all kinds of terrible luck in order to curse your victims for a massive voodoo score. 

In Virtual Voodoo game, your goal is to damage the doll as much as possible and level up to unlock all punishments, spells, and customization options. Summon a nest of pests, call in a fast bus, or make a bullet train pass over the doll! Set the doll on fire or freeze it with your spells in game. Remember that this game should not be taken seriously. Learn to forgive and forget!

Virtual Voodoo offers a solution to your problems. The person you want to hurt is trapped inside this doll so it can feel all the things you do to it. And there's a lot of mean things you can do a lot of tools to choose from.
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Pick up clothes, choose a hairstyle. Choose a subject with which you will pierce the doll. Unlock other more powerful curses and pain. Enjoy and share with your friends!

Remember, it's just for fun, we don't believe in dark magic and don't recommend you do either. Get all your bile and spitefulness out with Virtual Voodoo and in the Real World, forgive, forget and get along with everyone! Made with love by PlayCanvas, bringing the WebGL magic! Why don’t you begin instantly in Friv 2018.

How to play?

★ Mouse – Navigate

★ LMB – interact/ Select

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