Village Story GamePlay:

Are you feeling tired and depressed with action and speed games? Are you looking for a puzzle game to challenge your skill and find to limit your intelligence? Great! Because Village Story game at Friv com game will bring you an attractive and interesting puzzle game on the world. 

Here, you can comfortably express your intelligence by solving puzzles in the game. The story of the game takes place in a river with characters such as humans, sheep, tigers, carrots, soldiers or other objects. Each level will be a different problem and your task is to solve different problems. 

Before solving problems at friv game for kids, you should carefully read the requirements of each problem. The level of difficulty of each level will also increase dramatically and your task is to think carefully and solve them in the fastest time possible. You will have a limited time so you have to think fast before the time runs out. For example, with level 1, your biggest mission is to help an old man, a sheep and a carrot pass through the river. While this old man has to cross the river with a sheep or a carrot because tiger will eat one of them if they stay on the ground. However, the hardest thing is that the raft can only carry two objects. How to solve this problem? 

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Play the game by using your left mouse.

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