Tripolyon GamePlay:

Tripolygon game at friv free Games is an exciting and engaging interactive game which is suitable for speed and challenge enthusiasts. This game promises to bring players a lot of fun and unique experience. Are you ready to participate in an endless colorful race yet? How many points can you get? This is a great opportunity for you to showcase your talents and skills.

In this game, you will control a triangle with 3 different colored blocks like blue, purple and pink. This color triangle can rotate and change the position of the different colors. A variety of different colored bars will fall from the screen down to your triangular block. Your aim is to rotate this triangle with a color matching the color bar on the screen and destroying them.

Especially, you should remember that the triangles can only destroy the colorful bars when you create two similar colors. The color bar to change constantly and fall down your triangular mass. Therefore, you have to rotate the triangle very quickly and accurately to destroy them. If you create wrong connections in color, your triangles will be destroyed immediately. One more thing, the speed of this game is extremely fast, so you have to concentrate to observe and rotate correctly to connect the same colors.

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Use your left mouse to play the game.

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