Tank vs Tiles GamePlay:

FRIV have chosen a game of tile shooting called Tank Vs Tiles. This is a never-ending game inspired by the color variation and flexible response of players. The color of the tank will help you shoot the correct tiles. You can switch the color of the bullet by clicking on the left or right side of the tank. To shoot pink bullets, you hit the left side of the tank, and to shoot the blue bullet, you hit the right of the tank.

You will see different numbers on each tile in this game at Games on friv. The number of rounds corresponds to the number on each tile. If you shoot bullets of a different color than tile, then the number of rounds is added to the tile. Therefore, your task is to shoot accurately the color of the bullet and the tile in this game.

Each time you shoot successfully, you will gain 1 point. In addition, school friv online games also have similar games to this game for you to explore in your spare time such as Tap Tap Dash Online and Bomber7 .io. With the content and the way play differently, you will have the opportunity to conquer every challenge in this game. We help you play the game without being bothered by the advertisement or speed of loading.

Get ready for this unlimited game and reach the highest score at http://friv10games.club/. Share your interesting game today with your friends.


Using the left mouse in the left area to shoot red color and right area to shoot blue color.

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