Tac Tac Way GamePlay:

Tac Tac Way is a challenging zigzag game which is playable on friv the game. In the game, you are the ball that needs to shuttle in the psychedelic space. Stand on the wall carefully and walk along this road as much as possible! Tap the screen to change direction or transport on lava. If you fall off the edge, you will lose! Good luck!

To thrive in TacTac Way, players must be as calm as possible: those who panic rarely succeed in this game! In your path you’ll find a variety of obstacles, including lava pits. You won’t survive if you try to go through them, so tap the screen to teleport when you’re prompted.

Basically, this is a fun game suits all ages. You can play anytime you want for free on http://friv10games.club/ Furthermore, don’t forget to discover other amazing games such asFilled Glass


Left mouse button to change direction and teleport.

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