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Swarm Queen is a challenging single-player real-time strategy game at www juegos games. The hideous insectoid aliens trying to murder each other. Battle for supremacy using your spawn of alien creatures. By using geothermal vents to incubate your eggs and grow your army to defeat your enemies! Much time!

With 21 different units. The fantastic gameplay. The interesting strategy mechanics. This game is great fun! During each battle at online games fr, you have to try and take out the opposing swarm queen. Inspired by insects, the game is an attempt to make a strategy game focused on 'Macroscopic' strategy. Attempt to conquer the planet. Create harvesters to gather resources and use those resources to mutate eggs and create strong troops like Blade Maggots. Work your way through each level. Attempt to raise a mighty swarm today!

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✔ Different units to be used

✔ 2 difficulty options

✔ Funny dialogues between the mother aliens


The left click to spawn units

AD or hold left mouse button to move the camera

Hold Space to skip dialogues and fast-forward time

{1-5} to spawn an unit

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