Super Mechs GamePlay:

Do you love robot assembling and engaging in battles? friv 2 will help you to participate in this special game. In the world of this special Super Mechs game online, the player not only directly participates in each battle but also builds his own robots. Over the course of the battle, the chips containing the robot's parts will be donated to the player to improve their combat abilities. 

Compared to other action games in friv Games 2018, the world, as well as the game landscape, is quite simple and if for those who like the richness and color this game looks a lot more special. Everything in the game does not use too many beautiful images, no heroes use the skill. 

However, in return, you can see the robot products created by their own hands, and unique weapons system. free games at friv also bring other exciting fighting games that players can explore with their friends in their spare time such as Awesome Planes and Anti Meow Force

Each game will bring exciting moments to the player. Explore the content that each game brings and you will have the best time at http://www.friv10games.club/. Playing this game today, you will have the opportunity to win this exciting battle. Learn the basic skills and some tips that you can win with the highest score and the most special weapons. 


Use the left mouse to control and join this game.

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