Street Racing: Car Runner GamePlay:

Street Racing: Car Runner is a challenging endless driving game. It has some features that are similar to an endless runner. Instead of running by your feet, you drive. Sound fun, doesn't it? Conquer the longest distance is your goal at friv Games online free. To do it, you have to avoid all dangerous traps along the way. If you crash into them and 2 sides of the road many times, your car explodes. You don't want to end like this, right? So, try to drive carefully.

Your car auto drives. You are in charge of changing the lanes and keep it in the safe zone of the road. You can't control its speed. You can see your health bar at the bottom of the screen. Don't let it run out too fast. On http://friv10games.club/, you can collect money during driving to save and use the money to buy new cars with upgraded features. Besides, you also can collect health items to play more.

Remember that the road awaits you ahead won't straight and smooth like in the endless runner game. You must control your car skillfully because it's easy to cause an accident. Each time you play, you drive on a different road. It can be a normal road or a pass. Be always ready to deal with unexpected challenges may wait ahead.

Don’t forget to enjoy the excitement at the same time. Play several times to get different experiences and set your own record to rule the leaderboard. Check out many interesting games such as Biggy Way and Top Down Cars


Drive by using arrow keys.

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