Street Race GamePlay:

Street Race is exciting to avoid car racing game which is playable on Friv 10 games. You are driving a car under the police car's arrest. Do not let them catch you, they will crush your car. The officer's car is better than us, their car is too fast. You will not want to compete with them, there is only one way to avoid arrest, that is drifting. Keep drifting, although their cars are faster but not flexible. So maybe you should exercise your drift skill. And do not forget to collect the coins, that you can buy a faster car too.

Start driving in unique car or never seen before on the asphalt tracks. Start your racer, the world's top-class racing cars for you to choose! Upgrade turbo engine, find the tune for your car, colorful paints and cool stickers.

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Controlling keys: 

Use the Arrow keys to move

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