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Spin is a hot trend recently at Friv 10, people are addicted to it. You need to collect dot to build your RPM bigger.  Collide your spinner with others to make both of the spinners' dots scattered, then quickly to grab all of them. Boost your speed to chase other players easily, but use it wisely as this sacrifices your current RPM.

Spinzer.io spinner diversion - skin mode for spinz.io is new io amusement. Pick your whirly gig and begin to play io diversions. 

You can offer harm to others by hitting their fidgetspinner with your severe whirly gig. To give more harm, turn your squirm hand spinner as much as you can in this io diversions. Be merciless and be quick and hit others. 

In this Online Game friv 10, to get speedier, gather things ashore and dead things of others with your turning figet spinner. 

Spinzer.io spinner diversion - skin mode for spinz io amusement, you can fight others even they have more turn than you. Assault and left them to starve. Turn your squirm, increment you turns speed (RPM) and be firts figet spinner on leaderboard. 


-     Easy to control your turning spinel. 

-     Many sort of skins 

-     +50 incredible beasts skins. 

-     Free to play activity amusement 

-     Spine include is you needn't bother with web. 

We keep on improving spinzer.io spinner diversion - skin mode for spinz.io and your surveys are so critical for us. Have a pleasant play spinzer.io spinner diversion - skin mode for spinzio. You can try to play other io game as Agar.io and Sharkz.io at http://friv10games.club/

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