Special Strike Zombies GamePlay:

Waves of zombies will be the main threat to your base and team in this game of fighting theme called Special Strike Zombies. From our newly added collection at Friv 2021, this game comes with the best first-person game and 3D graphics for you to freely move throughout the map and shoot the zombies. Feel the satisfaction of shoot precisely or give the zombies headshots to clear them off the map. If there is more than one wave attacking your base at a time, it's best to prepare more HPs to survive.

A different vibe for this game will create a unique gaming experience for the fans of this genre. Shoot at the zombies one by one, aim carefully to avoid missing out on any other approaching ones. If you miss one, keep in mind that there will be more attacking you once they manage to close the gap. Use the given gun for survival, however, don't forget to purchase upgrades and pick up boosters along the way.

By doing so, you will increase the damage range of the gun and be able to defeat more zombies with one shot. This is not an endless game, therefore, as long as you manage to stay alive for a total of 2 minutes per stage, you can move to the next and more difficult stage.

It takes more bullets to defeat the zombies if you shoot at their bodies, yet one is efficient for a headshot. Zombies that are equipped with extra weapons will be the harder challenges, but they only show up once you have enough progress throughout this game at http://friv10games.club/. Find the best route for escaping and enjoy more games such as Fall Boys: Stupid Fighters with similar rules and theme.

Instructions: Move with WASD or arrows, left mouse to shoot and to change weapons, reload with R key, spacebar to jump.

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