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Have you ever wondered what golf in space looks like? Do you want to fly a spaceship? Yes, wonder no more because SpaceGolf.io is here to answer that question. In this game at friv school Games for kids, you control a small spaceship. You will start on the first planet; calculating the strength and trajectory of your ship you will have to launch into space to reach the last planet. Let's begin.

You must launch your rocket perfectly and guide it with precision to land on your targeted planet. Each turn lasts for 80 seconds in a row, the player who goes further wins the game. If you reach the little planet first, you win and the less times you've started engine the better. One of the coolest things in space mechanics is use the gravitational forces of the planets to bend your trajectory or accelerate or slow you down. Have a nice time!

You must also pay attention to gravity of the planets. Ensure you are not pulled in too soon. Avoid hitting other player’s rocket ships and keep out of harms reach! For each successive planet you land on, you can then progress to the next one. Be careful! However at friv.com 2018, as if you miss your target you are returned to the previous planet! Note the white triangle.Become a Space Golf champion.

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- .IO space game that uses golfing technique

- Pickable power-up to make your rocket ship bigger that can destroy others on touch

- With each new game: Randomly generated map


Drag left mouse button backwards to set power and direction, release to launch.

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