Slither vs Block 2018 GamePlay:

Snake game comes back with the new name of Slither vs Block 2018 which allows you to play for free on our website. Playing the superb game gives you worthy experiences.

Let’s start the adventure by wandering and keep yourself alive as long as possible. The rule of the game is so simple. You begin with a role of a small worm moving around a platform which is made from a thousand of cells. Your mission is to explore it and eat the bright dots to elongate in play friv Games. The length of the snake equals the number of dots you can eat.

However, there are many brightly colored blocks with various colors including blue, green, red, purple, yellow, and orange in the ground which are harmful to your snake. You have to avoid these blocks to save yourself. They are laid in anywhere without rules. Each block contains a number and if you crash into it, you lose this number of dots. For examples, you hit a block with number 5, your 5 dots will go out in friv play Games. Nevertheless, if you have more dots than the number in the block, you don’t die. Continue moving and hunt your food.  

It’s important for you to control the snake flexibly and agilely. Keep going ahead fast in the zone and do your hunting well. One of the impressive features is that you can change your favorite skin of your pet as green, blue, yellow and so on.

This game allows you to play on PC, smartphone and even tablet. Introduce this game to your buddies and family to have a relaxed time. Rate it highly and leave your comments to make the contribution to us. Play more with Wormax.io and Slither.io at http://www.friv10games.club/

How to play:

Click the mouse to control the snake.

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