Slimes.io GamePlay:

Slimes.io is the multiplayer game which is playable friv online Games for kids. Enter the arena of jelly slimes and paint the map with your color! Show them who is the biggest of the paint war in 90 seconds! Try to dominate the play are by splashing your slime everywhere. The winner of the game is decided by the amount of their color slime that has covered the white area, slide around the map to start painting your slime.

As you begin to cover area with your slime you will gain upgrades that will help you cover more area quicker and more effieicently. As you grow in size bully smaller players and cover even more area with ease. Have fun!

The more you manage to color the territory, the bigger will be your hero. Therefore at friv 100 juegos, you can absorb smaller players. Who in the Slimes.io game will have more territory after 90 seconds will win. In this one, you will also be given new levels and bonuses. The game is available for PC and Mobile iphone, devices. 

Do not forget to share with friends to discover the game with the highest score at http://friv10games.club/. We are always updating new games for players from all over the world with different ages. You are ready for the difficult challenges of this game and other similar games like Guessing.io


Use your mouse to move the slime.

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