Slash the Rope GamePlay:

Welcome to Slash the Rope game at friv 2018 is a physics game with a ragdoll tied with a string to a red box where you have to destroy a series of objects to get the ragdoll out of the area and complete all level. You can destroy objects. Use the games physics engine to cause the ragdoll to swing and build momentum. You must plan and act is right to complete your goal.

There are 50 unique challenging levels to work your way through. Your mission in the game at friv play Games is to remove or pop the red objects to get the ragdoll to his distance and the further you get the harder the difficulty becomes. Do you think that you’re up to the challenge?

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◉ A puzzle game that is inspired by the famous Cut the Rope

◉ The main object is a ragdoll

◉ 50 challenging levels to beat

◉ Objects with unique function


Left click to destroy a red object.

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