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Scuffed Uno on Friv10 Games is a web-based version of the classic Uno card game. The goal of the game, similar to other Crazy Eights-style card games, is to be the first player to run out of cards. Scuffed Uno can be played with two, three, or four players. Scuffed Uno: How to Play You may employ a variety of methods to improve your odds of winning at Uno. The basic goal is to get rid of all of your cards before the other players. You can achieve this by matching the color or number of the card that has been put in front of yours. If you don't have a playable card, you'll have to draw from the pile until you find one.

If you don't hit the "UNO" button when you only have one card remaining, you'll be penalized with two penalty cards! Playing cards with numbers There are a total of 108 cards in this deck. Seventy percent of the deck is made up of number cards, with four different colors holding 19 cards each. The numerals 0 to 9 are represented on the cards. There is one zero card and two of each other number in the deck. Action cards and wild cards make up the remaining 30% of the deck. Cards that act as prompts Uno is made more strategic with the addition of action cards. In an Uno deck, there are three different sorts of action cards.

These are the following: The next player in the series skips a turn if they skip a card. Reverse: changes the game's direction. The next player takes two cards and skips one turn if they draw two. There are some wild cards in this game. There are two different sorts of wild cards, each containing four of them. They are: Wild allows the player to select the color they want to play with. Declare the next color to match, and the following player is forced to draw four cards.

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Instructions: Left click to choose the cards

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