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Don’t draw and enjoy your art of work by yourself. Let’s add some fun to this activity by inviting other players to join. What about drawing and guessing what is drawn? Schedios.io brings you to the world of imagination and creativity. In this multiplayer drawing and guessing game, you will have a chance to challenges other players’ drawing skills and yours as well.

At online Games friv, before starting the game, you enter a nickname, choose your favorite avatar, then create a room and wait for other players to join or join an existing room. So, the rule is simple. Each member in the room will draw in turn and the others will guess what he or she draws. The player who is in charge of drawing has 3 words and he or she can choose 1 among these words to draw. Then, other players will guess what he or she draws after the art of work appear in the blank canvas by entering the word. The score level you get will depend on the time you submit your answer. If your answer is right and you are the first one who submits the answer, you get the highest score.

On http://friv10games.club/, if you are the drawer, and one of the players have the right answer, you also earn score. When drawing, you shouldn’t focus on details. Otherwise, you may run out of time. For every player who guesses your word correctly, you earn points and they also get points for guessing it. How many words can you guess perfectly?

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How to play:

Use your mouse to draw and use your keyboard to enter the word.

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