Run Sausage Run GamePlay:

Run Sausage Run is a cool and fun game which gives you awesome experiences when playing the role of a hot dog. If you are keen on fast-food, you should not ignore this game with its funny features. Help the poor little sausage to reach as far as you can through the life-threatening kitchen with a dozen of the deadly traps. You are alone in the dangerous room and you will be killed whenever you are imprudent in friv Games online.

Watch out because there are many hazardous traps waiting in front of you such as the saw blades, the knives, the hammers ,the flames, the ovens and so on. These obstacles appear suddenly with the thick density so that you have to always pay high attention to avoid them. You will die and lose the game if one of the terrible things touches you. The friendly-looking sausage is running forwards constantly and your task is to control it safely by tapping the screen to make it desperately run for its life. Duck your head or jump up in the air when seeing the traps of friv school Games.

Control the sausage to run through the endless path as flexing the hot-dog body. In addition to this, be careful to avoid getting chopped, sliced, smashed or burned in the nervous adventure!

You can get coins as well as money when passing the challenges and use them to upgrade your skin’s color such as green, red, yellow or so on. Besides, you can collect coins to purchase new characters like an eggplant, a shallot, a piece of meat and many more. I should warn you that the game contains violent graphics so that you should think carefully before playing.

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How to play:

Use your mouse to control the hotdog.

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