Rotated Dots GamePlay:

Are you under stress? If yes, this is an awesome ultimate entertaining game genre that you need to be into right now. You should not miss this wonderful opportunity. The first thing that gives you the chance to be a winner is that you need to understand the rules of the game Rotated Dots at Friv 10 fun games. Don't worry I will show you the best way to play. With this game, your task is extremely simple.

There will be dots around. Your goal is to shoot all these dots to the spot where the dot is the same color as it. There will be two dots running around and moving. So that you can shoot dots from outside in the right place with dots of the same color as it is difficult right? But as long as you observe a little bit and use your skills, you will be able to overcome everything. Shoot all the dots from the correct position to collect more real scores for you and start with the next mission.

Open thousands of interesting levels waiting for you in this game. You will have lots of entertaining and never stressful moments. Isn't it wonderful? You have very limited time to shoot. When the time is over, you have not won and completed the goal given by the game you will become a loser. Don't let this happen because it sucks. Let's start to win everything with your skills and wisdom in the game Rotated Dots at http://friv10games.club/.

Share a great entertaining game with your friends to have a lot of fun together and release all the pressure from the stress-fighting games. You will have a lot more relaxation then allow yourself to participate in some other similar types of games like Ambulance Trucks Memory


Use mouse to be able to shoot all dots.

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