Riddle Cubes GamePlay:

The puzzle game is always on the best genres to spend time playing. Solving a challenging puzzle successfully makes you feel like you just gain a big achievement. If you want to challenge yourself with different types of puzzle games, then, it’s time to give Riddle Cubes a chance. Here at play free friv Games, you have to modes to try including 1 player where your opponent is a computer and 2 player where you can invite one of your friends or family members to play.

The rule is simple. You just need to create a line of more than 4 blocks to get scores and try to block your opponent so they can’t make a line of more than 4 blocks. Your opponent also does the same to you. You must observe carefully to find the best move that helps you create a line of 4 blocks easily and block the opponent effectively. This sounds simple and easy but it’s not true. You may never win the computer.

On http://friv10games.club/, you can put the block in any position on the game board. It must be placed in order. This makes it harder to create a line of 4 blocks because your opponent may block you when you just make a line of 3 blocks. There are no powerups or help here. You must use your skills to find a way to win.

There is only one stage and it’s enough to make you crazy. The game ends when you don’t have any spaces to place block. In each turn, one block appears. Have fun and enjoy more games such as Line Color 3D and Barrel Jump 

How to play:

Use your left mouse to place blocks.

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