Revenge of the Pixelman GamePlay:

Welcome to Revenge of the Pixelman free online at friv unblocked online games. Pixelman got angry after his last defeat in battle at Minicas. He risen again to seek the vengeance for his loss. Now, he gathered his former fellows, who agreed with his plan. The battle is about to happen! However, only one side can claim the victory. Will Pixelman find his vengeance, or will he get crushed once again? 

Take part in his forces, or prove the allegiance to his arch-enemy. Choose server close to your region. Join in one room you see, or you can create your own server with map and gun you like. The rank in game of jocuri new is from 1 to 50. If  you go to that rank please share with us. 

Try to Revenge Of The PixelMan in the super great battle pixel with 3 nice pixelated charater. Three team will fight in 2 modes: Team deathmatch, free for all and the exciting zombie survival mode. If you want to play as zombie, you will be faster, hich HP and will be hard to kill. You can also play as other 2 team each one have new bullet fire effect. Invite all your friend around the world and show them how good are you. What are you waiting for? Start shooting today! Lets star!

If you can’t get enough of this game, recommend it to your siblings and good friends to invite them to play with you. Comment and rate the game! Join a series of amusing games like Pixel Toonfare 3D at http://friv10games.club/.


◉ Blocky world

◉ Up to 16 players and 20 minutes round time in a match

◉ 4 weapon options

◉ Zombie mode: you can become a zombie or the hunter


★ Use the WASD or Arrow keys to move

★ Left click to shoot

★ R key to reload

★ Press Space bar to jump

★ Press Shift to run

★ {1-4} to switch weapons

★ Press Tab to open the menu

★ Press Ctrl to prone

★ C key to crouch

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