Plumber Duck GamePlay:

The cute little rubber ducks are stuck in the pipes! Play as an expert plumber and your mission is to rescue them and help them through the drainage system. The aim of the game is simple! Join Plumber Duck game at friv the best online games for free and connect the start tap to the end gap so the duck can escape. Have fun building a water slide for the duck!

In the game at friv 10 games, each section of pipe can rotate in 4 different positions. There is straight sections, corner sections and T-sections. Each rotation affects the course of the pipe. Each level presents a different challenge. As you progress, it becomes increasingly difficult to free the duck and you have to join more than one pipe and free several ducks so choose your moves carefully! Using logic, you have to create a complete path from start to finish to free the duck. Can you become an expert plumber?

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The left click to rotate the pipe.

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