Nightwalkers.io GamePlay:

Nightwalkers.io is a fantastic multiplayer survival game at friv net. Darkness, an abandoned city and zombies. Your main goal is to try to survive against a horrific zombie outbreak. Hordes of walkers are roaming through the streets at night and you must do what you can to eliminate them and to survive.

At first you only have your fists and you have to simply, smash the zombies into oblivion. Once you progress, however you will pick up weapons and ammunition to allow you to kill them quicker. In Nightwalkers.io at o juegos friv, there's no fight with other players. It is quite unusual, but it makes sense. You are all in same team - Team of survived. You can join group, so it will be easier to walk through the city.

In the Nightwalkers.io has a solid meter - It reflects the sound level that you just create, however, you almost always create a sound. After the sound meter blushes and audiences of zombies dash to you. The weapon is present and as you probably already know, its usage of passing is similar. Therefore, the best tactic will you can cooperate with others trying to survive. Asides, you also have a flashlight which lets you observe zombies punctually.

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An awesome .IO game about surviving the night from zombie attacks

The environment is very dark

Different weapon options to use

Top-down camera view

Noise meter


Use your mouse to make the character move

Click left to shoot

Click right to do a melee attack

{1-5} to switch items

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