Nend.io GamePlay:

Here at playing friv games juegos, activate your life in the Nend.io by customizing your character: choosing gender, outfit and even skin color. Well, your life in the game will also include your daily activities as usual in the real life: sleeping, eating, having fun and going to the toilet. But all the things go at a great speed. The power of each activity will go down fast. Then, you should quickly find out a location where you can carry out the activity to improve it.

A map will help you in this task. Sleep in a bed; buy food in a distributor, a supermarket or a trash; look for joy in a club. The thing is that you need money to buy food and supplies so that you can survive. You can find money on the roads, work on a computer or even kill people to earn money. Once you have enough money, you can buy a building and when someone by something in your building, you get money.

However, if you can and attack other players and eliminate them, they can do the same to you. So, be proactive and take them out first. You should also think to buy a successor in a nursery before dying. Upgrade your skills through ages and survive as long as possible in this wonderful city. Good luck and have fun! You can play more similar games at http://friv10games.club such as Shell Shockers


Arrow keys or WASD to move;

Left mouse button to hit/attack;

Enter key to chat;

E key or Space Bar to interact;

M key to open map;

Right mouse button to delete an item.

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