Monster Truck Flip Jumps GamePlay:

Play this badass driving Monster Truck Flip Jumps game at friv best Games. Try to finish level after level earning cash for cool upgrades and new hot and powerful monster trucks. The real challenge lies in how many stunts you can perform before finally reaching the other side! 

Perform 'backflips and frontflips' with your huge monster truck in this cool side-scrolling  – Monster Truck Flip Jumps! Your mission is to drive a cool monster truck from one end and make it to the other without damaging it too much. To begin, you must ready yourself by practicing over and over!

Keep your adrenaline pumping and be the fastest monster truck to reach the end of the line while being able to perform the most flips. Earn money and upgrade your truck or buy an entirely new one! Much fun!


- Mouse to navigate

- Left Mouse Button to select/ Interact

- Arrow Keys to drive

- Shift to nitro

- SPACEBAR to brake

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