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Welcome to the magical world of numbers in Math For Kids! This intellectual game plays an important role in improving your ability to calculate. Join the game to approach the Maths in an awesome way and check your knowledge of Maths.

The game brings you into not only a world of numbers but also a land of different funny animals due to the creative shapes of these numbers. For example, number one looks like a giraffe, number two appears in shape of a goose, number six is a green sneak and so does number nine in fiv games and number five is similar to a hippocampus.

For children, learning Maths is not easy. Thus, the best way to encourage them is to share smart, well-made educational games with them on a daily basis. The game features 4 puzzles that teach while your child plays, including addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

Firstly, choose one of four calculations to play. If you select subtraction, all the riddles are about subtraction. We give you many operations and your task is to find out the right answers to fill in the blank of www fiv.com. There are 3 choices behind the question. Click on the box which you think it contains the correct number. If you are right, you can get a tick on this box with one point. By contrast, you get a red “X” letter for a wrong answer and you have to restart the game.

Try out all 4 calculations to enhance your Maths skills. We don’t limit your playing time, so think carefully before selecting. Show us your best score.

Math For Kids in fiv games is full-featured, frustration-free, and ready to go. Rate it highly to encourage us and update other educational games. Share with your classmates to challenge them. Explore more related games such as Crayon Shinchan Adventure1+2=3 and Geometry Dash at http://www.friv10games.club/.

How to play:

Click to choose the answer.

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