Knots Master 3D GamePlay:

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Knots Master 3D is an exciting addictive super casual puzzle game. In this game, you have to troubleshoot and connect the wires perfectly. Use strategy to untangle strings. What is your mission? Simply untangle all the ropes. On the screen will be pictures of ropes woven together. They include many colors, red, pink, white ...

Each level will have different numbers of strings. Your task will lift those ropes to another position and gradually remove those knots. Stress to become the best warriors when solving so many puzzles. Each level will gradually increase the difficulty level. This means that each level will have more ropes connected to make the knot more difficult. Just like that, you will have to do more manipulations to be able to feel the result. You will do all of those tasks well.

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Game controls:

Use the mouse.

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