Just Draw 3D GamePlay:

Just Draw 3D at Friv 10 is an object guessing puzzle game with three-dimensional cartoon game art animation. People need your help! Pictures will be presented to you and it is up to you to use your creative wit to find what the missing object is and draw it in the right spot! It’s about to rain and the poor guy has no shelter? Draw him an umbrella! The girl is cold and shivering - time to sketch in a sun! Each level is a brain teaser that only the smartest can figure out. Never has solving puzzles been this much fun. Let’s see how smart you really are. 

At each level, you will see an object which is incompleted. You need to guess what it is and draw a rough pattern of it in the correct position. Don't forget to use the hints when you got yourself into trouble. Enjoy Just Draw 3D!

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Drag to draw.

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