Jet Fighter GamePlay:

If you love sky battles, start the Jet Fighter game at Friv 10 online right here. Act as a pilot in combat, you must adjust the plane correctly and destroy the enemy attack you. Both of these tasks are extremely important that you cannot ignore. There are many enemy planes that you need to attack to defeat them. You can be attacked by enemies. Drive the plane exactly the way you can hit the enemy.

Try to win the first level at Friv games, you will have the chance to unlock better planes with more weapons and can win the enemy with the least amount of time. This plane battle game is for all players who are passionate about piloting and want to win the battle to defend the country.

Frivcom also has other flying and attacking games for you to choose from such as Heli Defense War In Space.

You can join the first battle in this game, then take part in other challenges in various games at the http://friv10games.club/ website, which will be fun to explore the latest games. Your basic skills will help you win this fighting game. Be ready to control your plane without becoming a loser. Enjoy this chance!

How to play:

★ WAS/ZQSD/arrows to move

★ Left mouse button to attack

★ Right mouse button to select a weapon

★ P for pause

★ C for cockpit view.

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