House of Hazards Online GamePlay:

Welcome to House of Hazards, an entertaining cooperative game where players do duties around the house while avoiding danger. How far can you get before getting tripped up by one of your friends? Can you imagine? The residence intends to harm you! Safety and health? Nothing exists here. You are being attacked by faulty light fixtures, leaky faucets, and flying toast pieces. This is not a nightmare. For those residing at the House of Hazards, it is a daily struggle.Take action and see what unimportant domestic chores you can complete today. 

Your ultimate objective is to exit the home. You'll have a variety of chores to finish. Making coffee, checking the mail, and watering flowers are all basic tasks. However, before you can do so, the other residents of the home will be waiting and watching for you to fall into their trap. There are many things you can do to make your housemates' life unpleasant if you're in a position to cause dangers. You can shoot them with taps, toast, and lasers. Strike their heads with light. Even better, you might pick up their lifeless bodies off the ground and put them in a chest. Besides, many interesting games are available for free on our site. Feel free to play. Some of the best options are Lucky vs Lou and Tori at https://friv10games.club/

Instructions: Player 1 Controls A, D-Move/Change hazard selection W-Jump S-Crouch/Grab Player/Enable Hazard Player 2 Controls J, L-Move/Change hazard selection K-Crouch/Gr. I-Jump

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