Greedy Rabbit 2 GamePlay:

Adventure is a game genre that many people love because of its fun gameplay. What are you waiting for that won't allow yourself to explore right now to find more relaxation? With a very simple but unique graphic design, with a funny sound. You will come back to this game Greedy Rabbit 2 at Friv 10 countless times. Take control of a cute little bunny. Your main task is to bring it to collect all the vegetables such as carrots, cabbage, and eggplant. Everything will appear in front of you and you move and eat them.

More than that you need to collect all the stars to give the game enough number. Every time you complete that level and go to the door. You will overcome all obstacles. More and more things will be left untouched. Let's jump on all the stairs to collect everything. By your skills to observe and enjoy good moments. The collectible bunny eats a wide variety of vegetables. This depends on your skills.

Let's join in the body game to help it find many vegetables that it loves. Think that the road ahead is great for you to experience. High jump accurately takes advantage of every opportunity to win the challenge together. How far can you help the bunny and complete 45 levels? It's fun when you share this fascinating adventure game with your friends.

Together with your friends, join the game Greedy Rabbit 2 at http://friv10games.club/ to relieve a lot of stress from the fierce battles. What do you think when you allow yourself to participate in some other similar interesting games like Halloween Pumpkins and Halloween Hangman


Use the arrow keys to be able to help the rabbit jump high.

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