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Create and manage your own farm in Goodgame Big Farm free online game on our website. In the game, you will be in charge to expand your farm from a small piece of land. At first, you start the game with a plot of land and a limited amount of money and crops. Hence, you have to make full use of this budget and then sell the products to buy more types of animals and seeds of friv com Games play.

Starting a business with a Dutch mill, a milk cow and some areas of a plowed land on it. The prosperity of the farm depends on your effort. To save your result for the next time, please register before beginning. Don’t waste your time anymore, let’s grow the crops to harvest and produce flour. Then, feed a cow by growing and harvesting the flowers. Then, this cow gives milk which can turn into cheese or be sold directly. However, the cheese is more expensive than milk.

Besides, you also have to take care of other animals to produce other different kinds of products like wine, eggs, and honey and then they can be sold for buying upgrades.  Gain and save the money in order to overcome level by level and unlock more new animals and plants. Furthermore, you are allowed to expand your farm and buy more buildings at play free friv Games when you have enough money.

In addition to this, to unlock better equipment to help you produce more expensive and complicated products, you need to work hard and get to the higher level. Completing everyday tasks on the farm gives you money and experience points, which are needed to level up. Produce a variety of products from cheese to perfume to earn as much money as you can. By cash, you can not only buy more seeds and animals but also make your farm look beautiful by purchasing decorations in the store.

Introduce this game with your relatives to see who is the richest farmer in the world. Don’t forget the rate if you like it and explore more cool games like Farmmania and Farm Fun at http://friv10games.club

How to play:

Click your mouse to play this game.

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