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Rescue the Zookeper is one of the funniest games with doctor challenges right that you can play here on Friv girls games. You can see that a cute little zookeper girl has gotten into trouble at the zoo with some of the wild animals, and today she is in the looking for a very good doctor.

At the beginning of this new doctor game at http://friv10games.club/, you will see that the zookeper has fallen in the pit filled with snakes, so she has a lot of snake bites all over her body, and she will need your help as doctors to take care of all the snake bites, and all of her other injuries. It's not going to be easy at all, because the snakes bite her all over, and you will have to be very careful in order to find all the bite marks and see how you can start cleaning all of the bite wounds. Because she fell into a pit, she will be all dirty and messy, so you have to make sure that you can even clean her hair and face so that she will not catch an infection from the snakes and all of the dirty.

Because she is all messy, you will have to start picking out of her hair all the leafes, all the spider webs and all the little branches that she cought while falling in the snake pit. After the zookeper is all clean, you dear friends will have to make sure that in the shortest time, you will be able to take a look at all of her bruises and see how in the shortest time, you will manage to clean and place different treatments and cremes on the bruises and swellings on her face and body.

You dear friends have to take really good care of the girl zookeper, because she is the only one that takes really good care of the animals at the zoo so that you can have a blast every day of the week when you visit the local zoo and see your favorite wild animals. Have fun!

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