Free Running 3 GamePlay:

Free Running 3 is the 3rd instalment of the popular Running series. In this cool Friv game, you are a handsome guy who is skillful and talented. Your mission is to reach the dragon sign in each level. 

If you are a fan of street sports, you must try this cool Free Running 3 game by Friv10 online. Start running and jump from rooftop to rooftop and try to get to the end of every level as fast as you can performing awesome stunts. Collect all bonuses and avoid falling down. Have fun!

There are 10 levels available that you have to overcome. You have to complete the current level successfully in order to move to the next ones. If you fail, you have to start that level from the beginning. Don’t forget to collect all bonuses which will appear in anywhere and avoid falling down. 

Enjoy the freedom of movement and pass through various obstacles along the way. Jump over tall building and barriers, climb the walls and objects to reach the finish line in time. You don’t have to follow any fixed rules, step or instructions, you can feel free to run and jump as soon as you can complete the mission before the time runs out. 


Use the Arrow keys to Run

Space bar to Jump

This game is pretty awesome, isn’t it? You probably fall in love with this cool game. Have a great time! If you love sports, you can get a lot of similar games Freeway Fury and Freeway Fury 3 at http://friv10games.club/

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