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Save your winning moment at Free Birds. Adjust the direction of the bow and arrow and unlock every level with a limited number of lives. Friv10 games for free introduce players to tons of new games with gameplay for you to enjoy in your spare time. Try to win every level with a limited number of lives. Aim and shoot the ropes holding the birdcage to free these beautiful creatures.

Show off your precision shooting skills as you carefully break the barriers and release the birds into the open sky. With each level posing new obstacles and puzzles, can you rescue all the birds and become their hero? We've been working hard during our players' spare time to update new games without being bothered by ads. You can freely join the game with an easy search. In addition, you can enjoy similar games with this game like Hangman With Buddies.

Discover tons of new options online at Friv10 Puzzle Games. If you use up all your lives, this game will be over. Therefore, be careful with the number of moves and archery in your play. Share tips with friends and complete tons of new challenges. Each player has a way to complete the unique journey of this archery game.

Create new ways to play the version of the game you want to join today like Gibbets 2: Bow Arcade Puzzle at friv10games.club. After passing all the challenges, you can save the birds from the traps. Every player loves new rewarding journeys and a wide selection of exceptional games. Save a list of favorite games to explore as you complete the game theme.


Left click to shoot bow and arrow after you have selected the correct direction to move to. the location of the ropes to hang the cages.

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