Flying Turtle GamePlay:

Flying Turtle is a funny game which is playable on friv Games for kids free. Help the turtle fly high into the sky! You need to quickly move back and forth to build momentum to fly faster. Collect the bubbled objects to earn points and the time bonuses to help stop the clock from running out of time. The higher you fly the better your high score will be.

It’s not easy to keep your flying turtle flying – that propeller isn’t going to power itself! Make sure your fingers are ready for some seriously fast tapping, because you will need it in this game. The faster you can tap on the screen, the faster your turtle will soar through the air. You’re going to need the speed, too, because you’re on a tight schedule. If you don’t collect enough clocks, the timer will run out!  

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Tap controls or arrow keys to fly back and forth

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