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Fire Balls is a single-tap hyper casual game that you can play here on Friv com 2020.The game Fire Balls is very simple to operate. It's just shooting to eliminate the number of layers. Pay attention not to hit obstacles or you will lose and need to start again. See how far you can go in the Fire Balls and try to create a new score!

Fire the cannons and destroy the towers! Revel in the destruction and mayhem you cause! As the player, you have a very simple objective. Destroy every tower you see in each level. in every level, you will see different towers built with different geometrical shapes. At the base of each tower, there’s a ring with rotating obstacles on it. 

To pass a level, you should time your shots carefully to avoid hitting any obstacles. As you successfully hit the towers, they will lose height until they are completely destroyed. Each level has three towers in it. The first two towers have gems on top for you to collect. The final tower in each level has a treasure chest on top. If you fail to time your shot and end up hitting an obstacle at the base of the tower, you will lose the level. Try again and be more careful the second time around! 

After a number of successful hits, you’ll earn a special shot. You can see this bonus icon at the lower left side of the screen. Clicking on the icon will fire this shot, which will allow you to destroy the obstacles! Completely destroying all three towers will grant you three stars at the end of each level. The more stars you earn the more points you'll get. Pass each level and challenge yourself as you try to beat your best score!

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