Egypt Stone War GamePlay:

As you know, the pyramid of Egypt is one of the great architectural works of mankind, especially with Egyptians. However, many evil forces and enemies desperately wanted to destroy the pyramid and eradicate the cultural values of the Egyptians. Don’t allow this to happen! Jump into Egypt Stone War game at Friv online game and protect the precious pyramid right now!

Here, your purpose is to control an Egyptian warrior and shoot the stones towards the enemy. You will have to fight directly with enemies in the same battle. You and the enemy will have the same amount of time to attack the enemy. So, you have to attack quickly and accurately before the enemy kills you. You do not have much time to think, so you have to shoot fast and accurately before you fall victim to the game.

In particular at free online Games friv, you should remember that the position of the enemy will change constantly on the screen, so this can cause many difficulties and challenges for you to shoot toward the enemy's accuracy. In each turn, you will have 3 lives, so you must take every opportunity to attack the enemy and complete the mission in the shortest time possible.

With cool graphics and the exciting gameplay, I believe that this game will bring you many wonderful experiences in life. Why don’t you try to play more with some similar game such as Cube City Wars at http://friv10games.club/?

How to play?

The players can use the mouse to play the game.

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