Dot Rush GamePlay:

The dot is waiting for you to adventure with it in an incredibly entertaining game Dot Rush at friv 10 free. Have you ever participated in a game with a simple gameplay? If not, then this is a good opportunity for you. Get started now! There will be two red and blue circle dots appearing in a circle. They need to be linked together because if you lose one of the circles then you will have to stop the game.

The main challenge is the other dots falling from above or from below. You need to rotate the circle so that the circle dots are the same color as the obstacles and collect them. If you do not respond quickly and let the green dot hit the red dot then you will lose one dot and you will stop the game. It's simple right? But the game requires a lot of skills. You need to observe and use your smart brain to rotate the dots the fastest.

Really try to make them merge with the dots right towards them. The game does not require time. You don't have to worry too much. Let’s focus and calm down to take part in the game that wins all the challenges that give you the highest score. With the ultimate simple graphic design, fresh gameplay you will be addicted to the game from the first time you join.

Relax and release all the stress and fatigue when encountering you in the game Dot Rush at http://friv10games.club/. Don't forget to share entertaining games for your friends. Join your friends now to get the best chance of relaxing together. You will have more emotions when adding in a few other similar game setups Christmas 2020 Spot Differences  and Princess Amoung Plus Maker


Use mouse to be able to rotate the dotted circle.

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