Defly . io GamePlay:

Choose Defly .io as one of your favorite games. You will have the opportunity to explore the different levels of this game at Friv games of 2018. We always bring players exciting fighting games. The special point in this game is that you just fly the plane while fighting against enemies and expanding your territory. If the enemy hits you, the game will end. Try to move the plane to connect your territories. 

As you expand your territory throughout the game, you will be the ultimate winner. Friv play games suggest this game for different players. There are many players who can join the game and you will fight them in this exciting game. You are ready for new challenges at our website. Drive your plane and expand the territory where you can fight against all enemies. 

Conquer the whole map and avoid enemy fire. Build up your territory to level up, and unlock a superpower at level 20. Friv 10 also have other fun games for you to explore like War Scrap .io and Wings.io

Each game is a private world that you can fight and explore in the free time. Go through the levels with the highest score in the high score list at http://friv10game.club/. Are you ready to explore the new things that await you ahead? Open up the game and start exploring interesting things today. 


Using WASD to move, mouse for build and shoot.

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