Death by Ninja GamePlay:

Would you like to develop ninja reflexes? Take your skills to the next level with this challenging reaction game Death by Ninja on Friv 10. The demonic shadow comes first to the human world for one purpose, to destroy. With dark power, punish your opponents. Be fast, stealthy and deadly.

Enter the world of the ninja and be the death. You are a warrior standing in the middle of a field crowded by enemies. You won't leave your position, and all you have is your sword and your skills. Try to kill or hit all coming attackers or objects before the get to you. How long will you be able to stand? Find out!

Controls: Arrows / WASD = attack

As an once regarded ninja you have been condemned to death by your own kind. Presently you should protect yourself against a ceaseless attack of your once brethren keeping in mind the end goal to survive. To what extent would you be able to last? What will your withering rank be? 

This amusement was produced as an end of the week challenge for ourselves. On the off chance that we see an enthusiasm for the amusement we are intending to extend the diversion with additionally highlights and discharge the diversion on  Friv Games Club

Highlights we would consider including: 

  • Scoreboards 
  • Unlockable player skins 
  • Unlockable conditions (First would be timberland with trees concealing certain parts of the adversary ninjas way)

Discover more action game at http://friv10games.club/. Have fun!

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