Cooking Korean Lesson GamePlay:

Were you ever interested in learning how to cook Korean food, but did not have the courage to try it out? Well, now you can learn how to make Korean dishes in a safe and easy way, a virtual one, through the new and fantastic game called Cooking Korean Lesson at Friv games. Let's play together and serve the best kimchi and bibimbap you can make!

In the first part of the game at http://friv10games.club/, find the things at the bottom of the list, such as the onion, lettuce, salt, pepper, the water, the sugar, the carrot, and other spices, which you start cutting up some of the vegetables. Using them and the water, as well as the spices, you are going to create a traditional Korean soup that you boil. 

In the second and third parts of the games, you follow the same procedure, finding the ingredients and necessary items, after which you cook them up by following the recipe by simply clicking where shown and how you are shown. A great time we wish for you all, and we hope you leave nowhere since there have been other great cooking games added down the road here, so we recommend you visit this category, and see for yourself why it is worth your time to play more of the awesome games there!

Come for an enjoyable time with the colorful game, smooth graphics, and simple yet entertaining gameplay. More games of different genres, ranging from the simplest to the toughest ones, are waiting for you on our website such as Funny Rescue Gardener and Funny Rescue Pet


Use left mouse button mouse to choose tools and cook.

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