Connect The Jelly GamePlay:

The intellectual league is the great thing that the game gives you. You will also get a lot of wisdom when participating in the challenge. What are you waiting for? Join now in the game Connect The Jelly at Friv 10 free to experience the same challenge. Coming to this game genre will have a lot of pets appear. They are being selected by the game by a lot of item colors. Your goal now is to connect the last two-colored pets by connecting. You will connect by a straight line or zigzag through squares.

Because there will be many pets that need you to connect. So you only have one small square. You need to find a path that connects easily, but also has a way to leave the pets later. If you connect without intelligence, the lines of these pet pairs will overlap. Then you will not be able to complete the challenge quickly. Let’s observe and use your smart brain to find the perfect connection and connect all the pairs of pets. Then you will win the level and conquer the next level. More and more pets will appear later.

Don't worry when you acquire wise skills. You will overcome all the difficulties in the game given. Let's explore the best connection roads without any obstacles. The game does not ask you for time. That is a wonderful thing! You will be able to freely learn and experience this game, if you match the wrong you can start over.

Why is such a fun entertaining game Connect The Jelly at http://friv10games.club/ you don't share with your friends so that together you can join a free online addictive game? You will gain more experience by allowing yourself to explore and some other similar types of puzzle games like Boat Coordinates 


Use the mouse to be able to conquer all the pairs of pets.

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