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Do you like bowling? Bowling Of The Dead at Friv unblocked is the perfect game for you. Today you’ll be playing bowling with zombies. A viral has mutated, infected humans and turning them into zombies. Your goal is to help Sarah and one of the doctors to find the cure. 

Bowling of the Death is an awesome bowling game at friv game. This game puts an interesting twist on both the bowling ball and zombie genres and is a heap of fun! Sarah’s last laboratorial in New York is surrounded by zombie enemies. You need to defend it with a new super weapon – a bowling ball will always follow the same path. Search for a way to get through all of the obstacles and saving the world, the key to compassion. You must use your ten-pin bowling ball to clear the area and try to knock down as many zombies as possible with a single ball! Some zombies have different ability, such as moving in zigzag and more lives ... Good luck!

Adventure across the cities in the United States of America. Functionary 360 degree view.This might sound easy, but as you progress through each many states and union territories, you will find the bowling becomes increasingly thorny and you must fight greater numbers of zombies. With smoother graphics, don't forget to use the cash you earn to purchase new bowling balls and upgrades for your character! 

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How to play?

Drag left mouse button left or right - Move camera

Drag left mouse button from bottom to top - Launch ball

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