Booster.space GamePlay:

Booster.space is a fun space themed .io game online at friv kids. Fight for the first place on the leaderboard! Your goals is to destroy whatever you see and receive points. Attempt to go as fast as you can. Don't crashing into asteroids, or being killed by other players!  How fast can you go?

Like many .io games, in the Booster.space game at juegos free com, you do not need to register. Simply, you give your ship a nickname and get to it. Fly around and dodge asteroids and all the while collecting these little red hexagons to accrue points. Use them to upgrade your ship and climb the leaderboard. Try it out!

Get comfortable with flying is the best booster.space strategy. First, a long range weapon very explosive and is activated with left click. The other one is short range weapon. Permanent laser beam, that cuts enemies into pieces. Another tip is to be careful how much you shoot. The red hexagons that you collect are your ammo as well as your bonus points. Attempt not to use all of your points up shooting things when you need them to upgrade! Good luck!

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Use the mouse to control motion of the ship

The right click for long range rockets

The left click for short range laser

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