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Booms.io is a fantastic multiplayer io game at friv 3D. In the Gladiator Arena, smash foes with your flail io, the only task in the game is to destroy other players and survive for as long as possible! By collecting food particles and defeat enemies to grow your weapon. Enjoy!

In the game at friv.com - only the best free online games, your weapon is a stick with a ball joined by a chain. Learn how to whirl!!! You use stick and the ball to attack other players. Collect the colored circles to obtain points and grow the size of your character. However, even the noob can easily kill the top player. So, be careful. 

As the dimenisons and reach of your flail increases, you can inflict more damage and gain a tactical advantage over your opponents. Asides, you'll receive bonus gems for time spent in the game and leaderboard place. In the shop, gems can be spent for skins, weapons and other stuff. Attempt to hit the other players! Much time!

Can you dominate the arena and reign as the top Dooms player at https://friv10games.club/? Talk to buddies about the game and assess it. Send reviews to us. Explore similar .io games like Stba.io


◉ A breezy .io game featuring a character with a flail

◉ Throwable flail ball

◉ Customizable character's appearance by buying things with money

◉ Growable flail's size

◉ Traps that can reduce your flail's size


Use the mouse to control the character's movement

Left click or space bar to throw the weapon

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