Bois Darc GamePlay:

Bois Darc game is developed by Firebeast as a present for players all over the world. You will have 3 slots to choose from and start playing this game with many levels which you will have to overcome and protect your castle. At Friv10, you can play this shooting game without annoying ads.

You can choose a hero character or upgrade a new character with different fighting weapons to defeat the invaders quickly. They will not destroy your wall. Therefore, aim accurately and extend the flight path of the arrow by holding the mouse for a long time. The arrow shot will destroy the enemy. A wave of monsters will attack your castle. Shoot as many arrows as possible.

Friv games also has other shooting games like Urban Specialist & Tiny Monster War. Defending Bois Darc is your primary mission. Do not forget that you will face monsters that are stronger than you and they can fly. Shoot the arrows as far as you can before the enemy approaches your wall. If you cannot destroy them early, you can attack when the enemy is near the wall. That is the tips for this game which you can follow and play.

Fight the enemies alone, you can collect the coins and upgrade the new levels with more weapons. See how many achievements you can take now. Frivfriv will bring you the amazing game too.


Using your mouse to shoot the arrows.

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